Inetis focuses on sophisticated, mission-critical web applications and applications for mobile world.

We are programming languages, databases, and operating systems agnostic - we just like to get our job done.

Take a look at Ljubljana Stock Exhange, NLB and others.

Latest news

March 2021

NLB, the largest Slovenian international financial group, has received an award for its web and mobile site. Inetis has implemented frontend and CMS and various supporting applications for the site.

January 2021

Unior, the company that ranks among the world’s major representatives of metal-processing industry has launched a new B2B portal. Inetis has implemented both B2B front-end and backend, as well as the integration with Unior backend systems.

April 2018

Inetis has implemented Witness, which enables site owners second by second insights into users' behavior by showing animated user session heatmap.

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