Our clients are large and successful companies from all over the world - we are proud they picked us to do the work!



NLB, the largest Slovenian international financial group, has received an award for its web and mobile site. Inetis has implemented frontend and CMS and various supporting applications for the site.
[RHEL, Windows Server, DB2, SQLServer, PHP, .NET and JavaScript]



Unior, the company that ranks among the world’s major representatives of metal-processing industry has launched a new B2B portal. Inetis has implemented both B2B front-end and backend, as well as the integration with Unior backend systems.
[CentOs Linux, Java, MongoDB, Javascript]


NLB Vita

NLB Vita the largest bank insurance company in Slovenia has launched new portal. Inetis has implemented web interface for the portal and life insurance product calculators.
[HP-UX, Windows 2000, DB2, CGI, C++ and JavaScript]


Runners' portal

Inetis has implemented Runners' portal tek.si (in Slovenian). Portal caters for news, information, and advice for runners, from running equipment reviews to training techniques to races and marathons.
[PHP, MySQL, JavaScript]


NLB banking portal

Inetis Ltd. in cooperation with Creatim Ržišnik&Perc market communications agency has developed comprehensive banking portal. Portal features wizards for loan, deposit and credit card selection, personalization, back-office administration, and portal Content Management system.
[HP-UX, Windows 2000, DB2, CGI and C++]



Inetis has implemented EnKa loyalty scheme portal introduced by NLB. EnKa supports loyalty programs on credit and debit cards. Registered users can access their current loyalty status and benefits on the EnKa webpage.
[HP-UX, Windows 2000, DB2, CGI and C++]


SEM - The Stock Exchange Monitor portal

Inetis has completed SEM - The Stock Exchange Monitor portal. SEM is an informational platform of the Stock Exchanges of SE Europe. At the moment, there are 7 participating Exchanges included at the portal, which operate markets with more than 2,000 securities and more than 170 brokerage houses. Portal caters for the information about trading rules, markets, legislation as well as charts and data about securities traded, various indicators, trading summaries and all the basic information covering the activities of the participant Stock Exchanges.
[Windows 2000, CGI and C++, Microsoft SQL 2000]



Inetis Ltd. in cooperation with Ljubljana Stock Exchange Inc. has developed SEOnet - an electronic information distribution system for price sensitive information. The system supports complete life-cycle of information starting from the input, validation at the Stock Exchange to the dissemination to various media.
[C++, ASP, COM, Windows2000, SQL server]


Ljubljana Stock Exchange

News desk for web portal. Directory of news with keyword search capabilities.
[Windows 2003, CGI, MS SQL]


WAPWAP, Pinkponk

Mobitel licenced TagTag service which is a part of Mobitel's Pinkponk.com portal. Their users are now able to create their own wap pages.
[Linux, PHP, WML, C++, MySQL]



Unior tourism.
[C++, Microsoft Windows 2003, MS SQL Server]



Inetis has completed hand tools catalogue for Unior. 5 languages catalogue includes detailed technical data, photos, and technical drawings for hand tools by Unior
[C++, Microsoft Windows 2003, MS SQL Server]


Vegrad real-estate portal

Inetis has developed real-estate portal for Vegrad Inc.. Users can search for real estate using various criteria. Presentation of every property is implemented as a fully interactive Flash presentation. Data for the presentation is automatically imported from ArchidCad an Vegrad's back office systems.
[Linux, PHP, C++, MySQL, Flash]


Tool-making cluster of Slovenia

Inetis has developed a portal for Tool-making cluster of Slovenia. Members of the cluster and their tools and types of services offered to the clients are presented.
[Windows 2003, PHP, MySQL]


Merkur online store

Retail store with online credit card authorization, front and back-office administration modules, personalization and advices from experts.
[Windows 2003, ASP, COM, Oracle]



Financal portal with news categorized by countries, financal data & news search, stock information and charts.
[Windows NT, ASP, MS SQL]